Internship at the Brunette Showroom

17 Mar

So today was VERY busy as it was the first day I interned for a great company called the Brunette Showroom. What is it? A multi-brand wholesale agency that focuses on contemporary women’s fashion. The showroom supplies stores with apparel, footwear, handbags, and accessories that really rock! While the showroom received a large quantity of their Fall 2011 samples, I managed to get right in there and experience it all. A long but fun day of unpacking, steaming, labeling, and organizing all the beautiful product! I learned all about what goes on behind the doors of a successful wholesale agency and experienced first hand the interaction between buyers and wholesalers.

Along with everything I learned I worked beside the owner of the agency Miriam. She was super nice and very sweet. I would love to one day work with her and learn even more!

Here’s some of the brands at the Brunette Showroom!

Lisbeth Jewelry
Seychelles Footwear
BC Footwear
QSW-a quiksilver collection
Sienna Ray
Desigual Womens
Desigual Men’s
Runaway Pony


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