Earrings to love

18 Apr

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in over two weeks, I’ve been dedicated to putting in a lot of hours at the tanning salon I’ve been employed with for just about a year now. That, and my internet has been down this past week due to a clumsy boyfriend and a cup of coffee meeting the modem =( Grrr..

Anyhow, this post is something I’ve just thought about recently. I’m seeing a lot of really beautiful jewellery everywhere and it got me thinking… I havent made ANY purchasse toward earrings or RINGS like I used to =( So here are a few pieces that I may need to go pick up since I’ve been slacking . Also, they are so CHEAP!! =) You should also know that Aldo is one of my all time favourite places to shop for my shoes and accessories from time to time so look forward to seeing alot of that =)

I bought these for my New Years outfit in December so you can see why I need to replenish =)

Check out some more I might have to pick up!! So pretty

Giorgi- $10.00

Valpelline- $12.00

Mikulec- $12.00

(Source: Aldoshoes.com)


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