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27 Jul

So yesterday I for whatever reason left my make up bag sitting on the washer at work. I grabbed the towels from the washer to load into the dryer and pulled out my make up bag. Soaked. I must have knocked it inside while throwing the towels in. Oops. Opened the bag and all my make up was ruined. It absolutely needed to be replaced! Kind of sucks that I had to go to MAC right after work instead of going home for dinner 😦


here’s what I purchased 🙂

1. MUST HAVE- MAC Studio Fix Power Foundation $32.00 (Wear this everyday no going with out!) NW 35 is my shade

2. MUST HAVE #2- MAC Studio Finish Concealer w/ SPF 35 $20.00 (Use for under eyes and the odd blemish) NW 30 is my shade

3. MAC Pink Swoon Blush $23.50 (The brighter the better on tanned skin or darker complexions)

and lastly 4. MAC  Blot Powder $27.50 (Medium/Dark is my shade, PERFECT for hot summer day touch ups. Blots the natural oils also great for setting your make up when finished applying)

What I Wear When I Work Out

26 Jul

Working out has become a bigger part of my every day life the past two months and I am sad to say it hasn’t always been that big on my list of priorities. BUT that’s all about to change as I feel a thousand times better since making the decision to get off my butt and exercise 🙂

Here are a few things I like to wear while I’m either running, doing yoga, or crunching it out. lol

1. I swear by wearing leggings while running or anything physical, probably because they are the most comfortable and that’s pretty much it. They stretch with you as well as make you look skinny at the same time lol About 85.00


2. I have a few work out bras by Nike, Reebok, and even Fila, but I think my favourite is Under Armour. They support the best and make the smartest styles I think. About 50.00


3. Tank Tops. I never wear t-shirts while working out, they just get too sweaty and feel restricting. I have tons of tanks from the Garage. They surprisingly last long, stretch, and come in great colours 🙂 Not to mention they’re normally pretty cheap!


4. Head band. I never work out without one. They soak up sweat, and most importantly, keep your hair out of your face. I like to buy mine from Lululemon. They seem to be pretty sterdy and they’re only about 12.00 each 🙂


5. Lastly. SHOES. I have several pairs all by NIKE, however a good running shoe I find are Asics. Very comfy and supportive. About 185.00 at Foot Locker.


It’s July!!

26 Jul

So it’s been a VERY long while since my last post.. and I shall try to continue as much as I possibly can. Life’s been crazy busy lately 😦

This post is basically about what’s going on right this minute in MY summer style. Just felt like posting something since it’s been so long..

Lately, Vancouver has been pretty cruel in giving us much of a summer on the West Coast this year. Booooo. I haven’t been to the beach ONCE, sat on the patio for drinks, or anything remotely “summer like” this summer. But I can share with you what I’ve been feeling lately when it comes to fashion . First off, I work at a tanning salon so there’s not much of a dress code which is fine by me. Working in a heated environment can be pretty warm there fore the temperature outside may not always be the greatest; however I get to dress like it’s summer at some point. lol

So I’ve been and always will stick to my denim shorts! Love em, gotta have em. The more the better. Wear them with ANYTHING and they are just so comfy 🙂


Another, over sized t’s. Again, where anytime of day and incredibly comfortable.


Laid back style winner. ANY t-shirt. I’m a big time jeans and t-shirt girl so on the days where I’m feelin blehhh, I just throw on any t-shirt I have 🙂


BATHING SUITS!! I honestly don’t know why I bought three new bathing suits this summer when I haven’t even had the chance to WEAR them. But I’ve been totally into neons this season, the colours look so good on my tanned skin I just had to!


FOOTWEAR- OK, I literally cannot get enough shoes. I have a serious problem with buying shoes I don’t know when to stop. Recently I bough a pair of wedges at Aldo, and reeeally comfy pair of flats. As well as flip flops, and another pair of flats that I haven’t even worn yet, but that’s not the point. lol


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