It’s July!!

26 Jul

So it’s been a VERY long while since my last post.. and I shall try to continue as much as I possibly can. Life’s been crazy busy lately 😦

This post is basically about what’s going on right this minute in MY summer style. Just felt like posting something since it’s been so long..

Lately, Vancouver has been pretty cruel in giving us much of a summer on the West Coast this year. Booooo. I haven’t been to the beach ONCE, sat on the patio for drinks, or anything remotely “summer like” this summer. But I can share with you what I’ve been feeling lately when it comes to fashion . First off, I work at a tanning salon so there’s not much of a dress code which is fine by me. Working in a heated environment can be pretty warm there fore the temperature outside may not always be the greatest; however I get to dress like it’s summer at some point. lol

So I’ve been and always will stick to my denim shorts! Love em, gotta have em. The more the better. Wear them with ANYTHING and they are just so comfy 🙂


Another, over sized t’s. Again, where anytime of day and incredibly comfortable.


Laid back style winner. ANY t-shirt. I’m a big time jeans and t-shirt girl so on the days where I’m feelin blehhh, I just throw on any t-shirt I have 🙂


BATHING SUITS!! I honestly don’t know why I bought three new bathing suits this summer when I haven’t even had the chance to WEAR them. But I’ve been totally into neons this season, the colours look so good on my tanned skin I just had to!


FOOTWEAR- OK, I literally cannot get enough shoes. I have a serious problem with buying shoes I don’t know when to stop. Recently I bough a pair of wedges at Aldo, and reeeally comfy pair of flats. As well as flip flops, and another pair of flats that I haven’t even worn yet, but that’s not the point. lol


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