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27 Jul

So yesterday I for whatever reason left my make up bag sitting on the washer at work. I grabbed the towels from the washer to load into the dryer and pulled out my make up bag. Soaked. I must have knocked it inside while throwing the towels in. Oops. Opened the bag and all my make up was ruined. It absolutely¬†needed to be replaced! Kind of sucks that I had to go to MAC right after work instead of going home for dinner ūüė¶


here’s what I¬†purchased ūüôā

1. MUST HAVE- MAC Studio Fix Power Foundation $32.00 (Wear this everyday no going with out!) NW 35 is my shade

2. MUST HAVE #2- MAC Studio Finish Concealer w/ SPF 35 $20.00 (Use for under eyes and the odd blemish) NW 30 is my shade

3. MAC Pink Swoon Blush $23.50 (The brighter the better on tanned skin or darker complexions)

and lastly 4. MAC  Blot Powder $27.50 (Medium/Dark is my shade, PERFECT for hot summer day touch ups. Blots the natural oils also great for setting your make up when finished applying)

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