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It’s July!!

26 Jul

So it’s been a VERY long while since my last post.. and I shall try to continue as much as I possibly can. Life’s been crazy busy lately ūüė¶

This post is basically about what’s going on right this minute in MY summer style. Just felt like posting something since it’s been so long..

Lately, Vancouver has been pretty cruel in giving us much of a summer on the West Coast this year. Booooo. I haven’t been to the beach ONCE, sat on the patio for drinks, or anything remotely “summer like” this summer. But I can share with you what I’ve been feeling lately when it comes to fashion . First off, I work at a tanning salon so there’s not much of a dress code which is fine by me. Working in a heated environment can be pretty warm there fore the temperature outside may not always be the greatest; however I get to dress like it’s summer at some point. lol

So I’ve been and always will stick to my denim shorts! Love em, gotta have em. The more the better. Wear them with ANYTHING and they are just so comfy ūüôā


Another, over sized t’s. Again, where anytime of day and incredibly comfortable.


Laid back style winner. ANY t-shirt. I’m a big time jeans and t-shirt girl so on the days where I’m feelin blehhh, I just throw on any t-shirt I have ūüôā


BATHING SUITS!! I honestly don’t know why I bought three new bathing suits this summer when I haven’t even had the chance to WEAR them. But I’ve been totally into neons this season,¬†the colours look so good on my tanned skin I just had to!


FOOTWEAR- OK, I literally cannot get enough shoes. I have a serious problem with buying shoes I don’t know when to stop. Recently I bough a pair of wedges at Aldo, and reeeally comfy pair of flats. As well as flip flops, and another pair of flats that I haven’t even worn yet, but that’s not the point. lol



21 May

WHO will she wear?

29 Apr

I am sitting in front of my tv this very moment watching the beginning of the Royal wedding as it is THE event of 2011 without a doubt. Although designers like British fashion house’s Alexander McQueens’¬†Sarah Burton¬†has been rumoured to be the lucky¬†winner to design Kate’s dress; we won’t know until the moment soon-to-be Mrs. Prince William steps out of that Rolls Royce!

Along with Burton are Sophie Cranston, and Bruce Oldfield who are also up in the air  as possible designers of the dress. Whoever the designer  is, it is the DRESS is what every woman in the world is beyond anxious to see!

I work in the morning so chances are I won’t be able to marvel at such a glorious day in London at 3 am here in Vancouver, however I will be glued to¬†my phone on the skytrain¬†to work blogging and youtubing that’s for sure!

If I were to guess or even begin to wonder what Kate’s dress will look like, here are a few images I see in my head =)


So I’ve decided..

28 Apr

The very first place that I would LOVE to travel to if I ever get the chance would be PARIS. Being in love with fashion, I think it’s probably every girls’ dream to visit the romantic city. Among the amazing couture, high fashion,¬†and of course sight-seeing, food, and shopping.. one thing I would have to do is check out a Christian Louboutin¬†store. Oo-La-La! I wrote a report on the famous shoe designer in school and I learned everything there is to know about Mr.Louboutin. Like any shoe lover (obsessed in love and totally ga-ga for shoes lady) would be, there just has to be homage paid to the prestigious shoe boutique!

The latest from Christian Louboutin are the Maggie pumps, which also come in different colours like black, blue, beige, and red..

Victoria works them well..



12 Mar


Bottega Veneta

12 Mar


As soon as I saw this dress for¬†the Fall 2011 Bottega¬†Veneta collection¬†I fell in love. Just look a the fit and the luxurious¬†fabric! Although I would have¬†love to see the skirt in a¬†purple maybe even white. But all in all it’s absolutely stunning!


Haider Ackermann Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection

8 Mar

These past few months there has been talk of how Karl Lagerfeld wanted to one day hand over creative control over to Belgian designer Haider Ackermann. With the work that Ackermann is showcasing in his new Fall Winter Ready to Wear collection, it is no wonder Lagerfeld holds much regard for the designer.

I absolutely loved the use of the deep colour palettes and soft fabrics in this collection and admire such technique in draping and wrapping that made this collection what it really is. Beautiful!

(Source: TheSartorialist)

Sarah Jessica Parker in Burberry

8 Mar

Have you seen the Burberry leather double breasted jacket Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted wearing outside the Burberry Spring 2011 Runway show in London? A-maz-ing!

Try something a lot less but very similar

I suggest:

Oasis Victoriana Military Leather Jacket


John Galliano Outrageous Video

6 Mar

Since firing the extravagant couturier John Galliano from Dior, the fashion world has been all a buzz these past two weeks. I personally feel that before the video hit the internet John Galliano is a creative genius and that Dior was very lucky to have such incredible brains behind the fashion house. However after seeing the actual footage I can’t believe this has happened and can’t wait to see what happens next.

For Christian Dior to be linked to such anti-sematic remarks and racial slurs made by the designer, it becomes the hardest thing for Dior to stand behind and therefore ties must be cut. To feel the right to take control of your business and name like Christian Dior did, there are measures and precautions that must be taken. I feel Dior did the right thing by letting Galliano go as creative director for the luxury brand, although it will be tough for both Dior and Galliano to get back on top as they once were.

In no way are the things that Galliano said at all right or acceptable. When being a public figure and such a powerful person in the fashion world today there are things that you just cannot do or say. Although the designer is up for trial, we still cannot make assumptions as to what really happened, nor does this mean we are entitled to any justifications to this type of behavior. I believe it will take some time for Galliano to repair his image and once again continue to be accepted by fans and fans of his work.

Tom Ford- New Spring 2011 Women’s Collection

6 Mar

Since leaving his spot at Gucci and YSL; Tom Ford launches his return on a women’s wear collection for Spring 2011 and can you believe his way of doing business is not to serve journalists and the fashion masses by bringing his creations to the public eye? Literally. I personally am not that affected by his decision on keeping his line top secret by not revealing until he was ready. I mean he is Tom Ford right? From what I’m seeing here however I am optimistic about what will come of his collection for us ladies. So far I like what I see. Sexy and sophisticated!

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