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So I’ve decided..

28 Apr

The very first place that I would LOVE to travel to if I ever get the chance would be PARIS. Being in love with fashion, I think it’s probably every girls’ dream to visit the romantic city. Among the amazing couture, high fashion, and of course sight-seeing, food, and shopping.. one thing I would have to do is check out a Christian Louboutin store. Oo-La-La! I wrote a report on the famous shoe designer in school and I learned everything there is to know about Mr.Louboutin. Like any shoe lover (obsessed in love and totally ga-ga for shoes lady) would be, there just has to be homage paid to the prestigious shoe boutique!

The latest from Christian Louboutin are the Maggie pumps, which also come in different colours like black, blue, beige, and red..

Victoria works them well..


My new shoes!!

23 Apr

So I don’t have a picture to post YET, but I will post the next time I put them on. I’m talking about the Brian Atwood Loca Studded pump. My mom took me shopping in the states for my birthday last month, and I found the cutest knock offs ever. Only $10.00!! Not too sure how long they will last but they will always sit nicely with the rest of my heel collection! I found them at the Charlotte Russe store (my favourite in America right now.)

Here’s  what I’m talking about. (These ones are lavender but mine are grey.) You might have seen them before on Sarah Jessica Parker in one of the Sex and the City episodes (or the movie, can’t remember).



1 Apr

Can anyone explain to me just HOW this happened?! Christian Louboutin is among one of my favourite shoe designers and I think he is genius in his designs, although judging by this grotesque piece of  work I give I’ll give him a one-time pass.

 I guess all designers are allowed to have that moment where loyal fans are left scratching their heads in wonder and I’m sure this is one of those moments!


Lamborghini Pumps?

21 Mar

Check these out. When I first laid eyes on this picture I had to look further into this atrocity. Hold on to your hats’s ONLY A RENDERING! Phew! Glad that was cleared up for me because I think these are just hideous. I don’t think I know of any lady who would actually pay money for these IF they were actually produced and sold! Although they did do an amazing job with the render as is represents the classic Lamborghini to a T. Bravo.


Christian Louboutin

12 Mar

Panier 120 Wedge Sandals $545

A  good pair of wedges are a must for summer! These are so pretty!


Balmain Pointed Suede Pump $550

10 Mar

Every girl needs a pair of black pointed toe pumps. Throw them on with just about anything!












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