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Who wears short shorts!?

23 Apr



The warm weather will soon be here therefore, we need to make sure we are well prepared in the shorts department! I love my shorts for summer and nothing makes me feel better than a classy pair of short shorts! Remember ladies, we must avoid looking like trash bags this summer season and it’s easy to do this with the right things to look for:

  • Think about your body first. We want to feel comfortable before we go and make a purchase we won’t truly be happy with in the end
  • Unless we already know what we are looking for such as things like specific colours, buttons/no buttons, embellishments etc… then try and think about a good pair of jeans. We want our shorts to go further; as in can be worn with pretty much anything
  • Avoid buying shorts that cut off at the wrong spot. Ex: if you are bigger in the thigh area, pick a pair that reach closer to the knee area but just enough where you still show off your sexy legs!

Here’s a couple of cute pairs!



Colours that POP for Spring!

22 Mar

Spring is officially upon us and one thing that I notice is very IN this season is COLOUR. As much as I love colour, I also love my accessories and if you can colour BLOCK I’m sure you can colour POP! Take a look!


Jackets to fall in love with!

20 Mar



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