When it comes to the ideas I share and things that inspire me, there is definitely some sort of image or story behind them. Everything  that I am loving at the moment shines through to my blog. I love luxury labels and high fashion but at the same time I love new images and lots of colour. When it comes to my personal style my key colour is black. I love to mix certain pieces and accessories that have colour and I think grey can make black look amazing as well. I don’t have the money to spend on all the things that I wish I could own or wear, but a girl can dream!

 I love pink as you can probably tell. Yes I am approaching my 25th birthday at the end of the month and this may change for me but at the moment something about anything pink attracts me! Whether it be a nice Mercedes Benz or a new lip colour from MAC, that pop of pink shows a girly side which I’m totally loving right now.

So every once in a while you will find “Inspiration” images sprinkled through out my blog and that’s pretty much what keeps the blog going and my ideas for more fashion stories and new ideas coming.


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