Hermes Belt

28 Mar

I’m on a mission to get one! I love the famous Hermes belt thats seen on so many hot celebs these past few months and I want one in PINK!

Retail Price $450

$89.99 at

Check out more belts on these hot celebs



Flared Denim

27 Mar

If you haven’t noticed by now, flared jeans are back. I must say it’s quite refreshing to see considering we’ve been trained to wear skinny jeans and ultra skinny jeans over the past few seasons. (Although I love my skinnies don’t get me wrong) I rarely see any girl that I know wearing flared or even boot-cut jeans for that matter. I think I will have to go out and purchase a brand new pair since the few pairs I have in my closet are pretty out dated!

Lauran Conrad rocking flared jeans and a loose blouse for a perfect day time look

Juicy Couture Pull-On Mid-Rise Flared Jean $120

J Brand Kiki High-Rise Flared Jean $185


Alessandra Ambrosia

26 Mar

The supermodel hanging out in Milan before a Dolce and Gabbana show as part of Paris Fashion Week. I really like her boot-cut pants as well as her entire outfit of course. Very cool yet classy. Perfect day time look.

Boot-cut jeans by Genetic Denim 346.00 CAD

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Colours that POP for Spring!

22 Mar

Spring is officially upon us and one thing that I notice is very IN this season is COLOUR. As much as I love colour, I also love my accessories and if you can colour BLOCK I’m sure you can colour POP! Take a look!


Emporio Armani

22 Mar

Check out the new Spring Summer ad campaign for Armani. The new accessory line for him and her. Very easy on the eyes I must say.

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Lamborghini Pumps?

21 Mar

Check these out. When I first laid eyes on this picture I had to look further into this atrocity. Hold on to your hats’s ONLY A RENDERING! Phew! Glad that was cleared up for me because I think these are just hideous. I don’t think I know of any lady who would actually pay money for these IF they were actually produced and sold! Although they did do an amazing job with the render as is represents the classic Lamborghini to a T. Bravo.


What’s IN for Spring

20 Mar

While I’m sure all you ladies will be out shopping for what’s hot this spring season here are a few trends to definitely watch out for. Enjoy!

Feminine Jewellery

LWD (Little white dress!)

Floral tee’s OR dresses


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