Shoe Spot

The Shoe Spot is just another way for me to bring you images and ideas that inspire me. I am how one would say “OBSESSED” with shoes…. no joke if I could I would open my own store and design my own shoes but the budget is simply not there. I love any kind of sky high pump comfortable or not, I’ll rock em hehe Some of my favourite shoe designers are of course Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent, Brian Atwood, Giuseppe Zanotti, Alexander Wang, and Camilla Skovgaard. There are no words than can explain the love I have for a beautiful pair of pumps! I’ll admit walking by shoe stores like Aldo and Browns is hard to do without entering and that walking through the shoe section at Holt Renfrew actually gives me heart palpitations OH MY!

So most likely every week or maybe other day, you can find new posts of either inspiration pics, new designer shoes, or just shoes that I find amazing. Just check for the “Shoes” category on the side bar of the homepage and you will find yourself in my SHOE SPOT.


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