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Emma Watson- From Hogwharts to High Fashion

6 Mar

Being that eco-fashion week is upon is here in Vancouver, it is only fitting we discuss the new collaboration between Harry Potter star Emma Watson and designer Alberta Ferretti.

Young starlet of the famed Harry Potter series has turned her interests over to the design process in high fashion. Teaming up with Alberta Ferretti to create a full collection of sustainable raw materials called Pure Threads, has been quite the project for Watson. She has said that she believes in such eco-friendly designs that she will even work for free if it means having the chance to encourage anyone in this direction of design.

            Ferretti states that each garment is completely organic and environmentally friendly down to the last stitch. The collection that includes bohemian dresses, and lace embroidered denim, is sure to please those looking to become more eco-friendly in their fashion choices.

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