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John Galliano Outrageous Video

6 Mar

Since firing the extravagant couturier John Galliano from Dior, the fashion world has been all a buzz these past two weeks. I personally feel that before the video hit the internet John Galliano is a creative genius and that Dior was very lucky to have such incredible brains behind the fashion house. However after seeing the actual footage I can’t believe this has happened and can’t wait to see what happens next.

For Christian Dior to be linked to such anti-sematic remarks and racial slurs made by the designer, it becomes the hardest thing for Dior to stand behind and therefore ties must be cut. To feel the right to take control of your business and name like Christian Dior did, there are measures and precautions that must be taken. I feel Dior did the right thing by letting Galliano go as creative director for the luxury brand, although it will be tough for both Dior and Galliano to get back on top as they once were.

In no way are the things that Galliano said at all right or acceptable. When being a public figure and such a powerful person in the fashion world today there are things that you just cannot do or say. Although the designer is up for trial, we still cannot make assumptions as to what really happened, nor does this mean we are entitled to any justifications to this type of behavior. I believe it will take some time for Galliano to repair his image and once again continue to be accepted by fans and fans of his work.

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