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My new shoes!!

23 Apr

So I don’t have a picture to post YET, but I will post the next time I put them on. I’m talking about the Brian Atwood Loca Studded pump. My mom took me shopping in the states for my birthday last month, and I found the cutest knock offs ever. Only $10.00!! Not too sure how long they will last but they will always sit nicely with the rest of my heel collection! I found them at the Charlotte Russe store (my favourite in America right now.)

Here’s  what I’m talking about. (These ones are lavender but mine are grey.) You might have seen them before on Sarah Jessica Parker in one of the Sex and the City episodes (or the movie, can’t remember).

(Source: Mycolorfashion.com)

Christian Louboutin

12 Mar

Panier 120 Wedge Sandals $545

A  good pair of wedges are a must for summer! These are so pretty!

(Source: Net-a-porter.com)

“I would love to (to make shoes) but I would have to have the right team, I would have to really research”

8 Mar

(Source: ModernShoesOnline)

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