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Colours that POP for Spring!

22 Mar

Spring is officially upon us and one thing that I notice is very IN this season is COLOUR. As much as I love colour, I also love my accessories and if you can colour BLOCK I’m sure you can colour POP! Take a look!

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Emporio Armani

22 Mar

Check out the new Spring Summer ad campaign for Armani. The new accessory line for him and her. Very easy on the eyes I must say.

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What’s IN for Spring

20 Mar

While I’m sure all you ladies will be out shopping for what’s hot this spring season here are a few trends to definitely watch out for. Enjoy!

Feminine Jewellery

LWD (Little white dress!)

Floral tee’s OR dresses

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Louis Vuitton

13 Mar

I think the Resort 2011 campaign is so much more visually appealing than what Louis Vuitton is doing  for their Spring 2011 campaigns. I guess I just don’t like the way the models are looking and that backdrop is just hideous.

(Source: Twenty2.com)

Dolce and Gabbana

12 Mar

Dolce and Gabbana’s new Spring Summer 2011 ad has kittens! I’m a loyal cat owner so I just had to post!

(Source: Zimbio.com)

Tom Ford- New Spring 2011 Women’s Collection

6 Mar

Since leaving his spot at Gucci and YSL; Tom Ford launches his return on a women’s wear collection for Spring 2011 and can you believe his way of doing business is not to serve journalists and the fashion masses by bringing his creations to the public eye? Literally. I personally am not that affected by his decision on keeping his line top secret by not revealing until he was ready. I mean he is Tom Ford right? From what I’m seeing here however I am optimistic about what will come of his collection for us ladies. So far I like what I see. Sexy and sophisticated!

Eva Mendes for Reebok

6 Mar

Here’s something new for Reebok, A list celeb Eva Mendes has agreed to become new spokes person for the active brand and their new EasyTone Apparel collection. The Spring Summer 2011 ads will be seen everywhere with the actress sporting active gear and footwear for the collection.

Since launching in the Fall of 2009, there have been numerous celebs who have also been asked to endorse Reeboks new collection. At the launch party for EasyTone, you would have seen the Kardashian ladies all wearing the shoes to promote the new collection, as many others like Kendra Wilkinson, and Regina King.

For the upcoming Spring Summer 2011 collection a new concept was introduced called Reetoners. This allows for the image of  EasyTone campaign ads to pay tribute to many women who despite a busy lifestyle, have the time to work out and care for herself. A smart move by Reebok for launching such an inspiring concept for the brand, and teaming up with the 36- year-old movie star. I think Eva fits perfectly for Reeboks image; she’s fun, upbeat, and such a style icon to so many women.

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